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Team Iran-SUES


Team Name:Team Iran-SUES
Abbaspour University of Technology
Shanghai University of Engineering Science
Name/Theme of the House:Shāremān
Sina Keyhanian
Phone: +98 (938) 603 4088
Email: rteopt.aut@gmail.com
Team website: http://www.rteopt.com

Team Iran commenced its work on August 2010 in the body of a multidisciplinary, interuniversity student team named RTEOPT (Research Team for Energy Optimization and Passive-house Technologies), at the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering of the Abbaspour University of Technology. Abbaspour University of Technology is a public technological university located in the capital of the country. This university has a brilliant history on industrial companionships and most of its faculty members are involved in large scale projects on power plant development and renewable energy industries over the country. With several pragmatic routs to the most omnipotent governmental and private organizations, the Abbaspour University of Technology is Team Iran’s official patron and scientific bolster. Looking back to August 2010, through holding several workshops and conferences this student team has become the vanguard of the Iranian student formations on energy issues, invited for energy consultancy through the construction of zero energy homes, by several corporations. Team Iran is founded, organized and managed by students, and the multidisciplinary, interuniversity nature of the team is emphasized inboththestudent team and faculty members as well as the industrial consultants of the team. And now we are honored to be qualified for participation in the Solar Decathlon; one of the first ranked multipurpose engineering competitions around the world.

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